Monthly Archives: February 2016

Key changes to SATs

Maths has been more challenging for the young learners. One of the key changes to SATs the more advanced level of Maths expected from the young pupils. As early as year 1, students are expected to memorise and use number bond and related subtractions facts up to 20. Besides, more complicated concepts like fraction and […]

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National Libraries Day

On Saturday the 6th of February, the ITS team along with many other organisations, came together at Wimbledon Library to offer our  services in celebration of National Libraries Day. The day was packed with a variety of activities such as arts and crafts for both children and adults, IT sessions for beginners and Tai Chi […]

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Have you noticed the changes for GCSEs?

Most of the examinations and assessments are now taken in the summer rather than on the completion of the modules. Pupils are also expected to answer more essay questions which requires more organising and logical thinking before writing on the answer sheets. Most focus has been placed on science subjects now. Pupils are now required […]

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