February 12, 2016

Have you noticed the changes for GCSEs?

Most of the examinations and assessments are now taken in the summer rather than on the completion of the modules. Pupils are also expected to answer more essay questions which requires more organising and logical thinking before writing on the answer sheets. Most focus has been placed on science subjects now. Pupils are now required to take two science subjects. All these changes have made GCSEs more challenging and only the top ones can survive and choose their ideal A-levels to study, which then directly affect courses they could choose from university.

Our experienced teachers will provide extra tuition to the subjects where pupils need more help. We appreciate that everyone has their own learning pace and we will find a way to achieve the goals with them. Before the pupils sitting for the examinations, we review the curricula thoroughly to make sure our pupils have fresh memory of what could appear in the exams.

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