September 5, 2016

My time as an Intern at ITS Bookworms

My time as an Intern at ITS Bookworms.

IMG_0501When I first started my three month internship at ITS Bookworms, I wasn’t too sure on what to expect. I never used a tutoring service for any exams when I was growing up and the closest I ever came to a tutor was when my sister used a lady that would come to our house (make me turn off the TV) and tutor her for two hours a night twice a week. All I ever thought was how boring it looked, and all I wanted to do was turn the TV back on!


When I started at ITS I expected to see a similar scene to what I saw at home when the tutor arrived; my sister pouting, being  gently (forcibly) encouraged into to living room, with absolutely no enthusiasm for the next two hours. However, when I started seeing the kids coming in it was like they are at home! They run in, sign themselves in say hello to whomever is in reception, then go into the LCR to read a book or watch CBBC until their lessons start. The friendly, warm and welcoming environment here at ITS, coupled with the firm yet fun teaching standards of the tutors, make the children that come here after school and every Saturday excited to be here, and this reflects in their school work and exam results.


ITS Bookworms motto is Raising Standards, Building Confidence and Achieving Success, and throughout my few months working here I was able to see that they apply this motto to the upmost in everyone, whether that be a child taking their SAT’s or an adult who has come back into education to achieve a certain GCSE they may have missed out on when they were at school.


My role for the last three months has been the ‘Social Media and Marketing Intern’. So I have been managing our Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus pages with updates on what is happening at ITS and our student’s achievements. The role is something I’m completely new too, as my former roles have all been in retail whist I’m at University. I’ve been really welcomed into the school and into the team of teachers here, and feel like I’ve settled in well.


Working in retail for the past six years has been a good learning experience but hard because some days you work till 10:30pm and some days you finish at 4:00pm, and there is very little chance of having a weekend off to yourself, or to spend doing uni work, or to even see friends. Since working at ITS Bookworms I’ve been able to see what it’s like working a normal Monday-Friday job, and having my evening and weekends to myself. It’s given me a chance to have a taster of having a good job along with a good social life, and made me realise a life in retail really isn’t something I want for myself when I leave University.


What surprises me most about ITS Bookworms is the amount it has grown since opening last year. The fact that the company started with only 15 students and is now tutoring over 200 students in our two different branches, which has mostly been done through parent satisfaction and word of mouth. The future is looking extremely bright for ITS Bookworms, with many more parents walking into our branches and signing up day by day!


The work Pastor Kerson and the teaching staff have done has helped so many different people achieve their dreams and realise their full potential, and I’m extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to work closely with them and change my views about tutoring.


Shannon Milligan

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