Amazing Tuition Centre

Amazing Tuition Centre
September 15, 2016

ITSbookworms is an amazing Tuition Centre where all the hard-working, determined, caring staff help, guide, support you in the right and suitable way to help you to achieve, pursue you your dreams, career and education life in the future. They always taught to not give up and keep going to work hard and study hard to achieve my future education goals .

The amazing teachers that helped through my toughest challenge through my education journey were Mr Fletcher the best maths tutor who taught me the hard way to solve and challenge new maths problems each week in every tuition lesson which helped to grow and learn to be confident to conquer any maths problem. Furthermore, my English tutor Miss Staite who helped improve my speaking and listening in English Language also the tuition lessons helped improve my English Language punctuation and grammar skills. And the third person who especially helped, supported me is the headteacher Mr Joe Kerson has always supported through my toughest challenge of education journey.

The man who is a father to me who taught me to stand on my two feet and always find a solution to every trial or challenge your face in life as an adult. Always achieve, be ambitious , believe and be confident in yourself and never forget who you are . Be dedicated , be focused and enjoy you life and education as a young adult!!!!