Inspiring Young People to Achieve their Dreams

Inspiring Young People to Achieve their Dreams
September 18, 2016

I drove past the small branch in Mitcham a couple of times last summer and on each occasion the bold slogan caught my attention: “Inspiring Young People to Achieve their Dreams”.

My interest lead my to find out more about this school. What I learnt compelled me to apply for a job that September (it was around the time that began applying for med school). Working  RISE Education and with ITS, has honestly influenced the way I am today. This is due to the lively and dynamic atmosphere and the fact that teaching is so rewarding.

After the interview stage of my medicine application (a highly competitive course), I was rejected. Instead of feeling hopeless, I planned my gap year and worked hard for good A Level results.

On results day, I was offered an interview at the University of Sheffield; it was a second chance at going to med school this year. Unfortunately, they decreased their quota unexpectedly and explained that I had just missed getting on.

A few weeks later, I received a phone call from the University of Leeds, my original first choice. They had expanded their quota by 5 and therefore could offer me place to study Medicine this year.

I would like to thank Parson Kerson, for all the support and invaluable advice he has given me. I am also incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work at this special and beautiful school.

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