March 31, 2016

Top 5 Revision Tips

Exams are just round the corner and we at ITS believe that the following top tips will help you make the most of your revision time!

time1. Environment: Choose the right spot

Something and simple as setting up a revision friendly area which suits you can boost your motivation and improve your concentration .

2. Timing: Pick the right time

Most of the time you will concentrate better after a light snack or perhaps some downtime before starting a revision session. Work out what’s the best time for you.

distracted3. Discuss: Get the questions flowing

Talking about a revision topic can generally help underpin the main points to remember whilst deepening your understanding. Try to get a study group going.

4. Peace: Keep distractions to a minimum

Try to keep your environment as free from distraction as possible. This can be achieved by keeping the noise levels low and switching off all forms of media.

2009394_xl5. Routine: Plan, prep and proceed

You may be the type of person who benefits from having a revision schedule in place, if so, try to come up with a routine that is both realistic and effective. Try even harder to stick to it!

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